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Embracing Artificial Intelligence: The Journey of an Artist and Writer

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


In this digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a powerful transformative force, reshaping various industries, including the world of art and writing. As an artist and writer myself, I find immense joy in embracing AI as a creative tool rather than perceiving it as a threat. In this blog post, I will share how AI has revolutionized my artistic journey and why I believe it is a remarkable asset for creative minds.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Creativity

AI has unlocked new dimensions in my creative process, enabling me to produce high-quality images and paintings that were once beyond imagination. Unlike some creative souls who fear the rise of AI, I have chosen to embrace it as my creative partner. The synergy between human creativity and AI's computational prowess is truly remarkable.

The Power of AI-Prompt Collaboration

Central to my successful collaboration with AI is the art of creating prompts. Patience is key as I work on refining and regenerating images until I find the perfect one. AI learns from feedback, making it essential for artists to provide informed insights to guide its learning process. Through diligent effort and creative judgment, one can consistently get superior results. I have also explored other people's prompts, modifying them to align with my artistic vision, even requesting AI to create in the style of specific artists.

Respecting Ethical Boundaries

While AI brings forth a plethora of opportunities, ethical considerations must not be overlooked. I draw the line at using images handpicked by others. Instead, I harness their prompts to generate my unique creations. Recently, I faced a situation on Discord, where I politely communicated my concerns about image usage and ultimately found solace in a private channel to safeguard my work.

AI as an Inspirational Muse

The thrill of image generation with AI is akin to opening Christmas presents. It continuously inspires me to explore new realms in art, providing invaluable references for my paintings. Some of these AI-inspired creations hold potential for online selling, expanding the horizons of my artistic endeavours.

The Artistic Alchemy of AI

While AI serves as a catalyst for creativity, I firmly believe that handmade art and stories possess a timeless allure that cannot be replicated by AI. The human touch and the creative editing process add a unique value to artistic expressions, setting them apart from machine-generated creations.

AI Inspired Art

I painted the art featured above on quality art paper. The legs of the lovely lady who is actually inspired by Dali's love Gala, are much longer but my camera failed to capture this detail. I added Dali’s famous elephant to the painting at the request of a friend. It was a birthday present for her. She loves it.


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence has been an invaluable asset in my artistic journey as an artist and writer. By embracing AI and working in harmony with it, I have witnessed unprecedented growth in my creative output. The synergy between human creativity and AI's computational power has yielded remarkable results, making each collaboration with AI a source of joy and inspiration.

As technology continues to evolve, I am excited to explore the endless possibilities AI offers to fuel my passion for art and writing. Remember, AI is not a replacement for handmade art and stories; it is a powerful companion that amplifies human creativity, leading us to create masterpieces that resonate with the world.

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