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'Material Girl' Artwork Inspired By AI And Monroe

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

painting of Madonna by Anita Saran
Painting of Material Girl Inspired by Artificial Intelligence

Madonna - My 'Material Girl' Painting Inspired By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Once again AI inspired me to create a piece of art - 'Material Girl'. I adore the punk and goth look with which I have experimented before. Yes even today in my sixties I have fun dressing up.

Leonardo AI Image Generation

I love fooling around with image generation on Leonardo AI. I wonder whether I could sell the haute couture designs I generate to fashion houses. Some of the designs are great. When I came up with the following image, I thought, "Hmmm I don't like the face. And so I thought of one of the loveliest faces I have come across - the iconic countenance of the child-like seductress, Marilyn Monroe.

From Monroe to Madonna

However, as the drawing on 300 GSM paper progressed, it seemed to look more like Madonna. I believe there is a resemblance between the two. After all, Madonna did do a number dressed up like Monroe with her song, 'Material Girl' inspired by Monroe's performance in the song, 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend' in the movie - 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.

My art mentor dissuaded me from naming the woman in my painting as Madonna or Monroe, saying I would attract negativity from people making comparisons. So I posted the image on Deviant Art and when a fan named it 'Materal Girl', I went ahead.

The Original AI Image That Inspired 'Material Girl'

I used Faber-Castell's vibrant water colours, acrylic paint as well as Bristo's excellent quality oil pastels. It was magic. It took me almost all day to complete the intricate drawing. There was lots of erasing, so I'm glad I used 300 GSM paper., 22 x 28 inches. I like the way the soft creamy pastels slide over paint. I like the textures created and the variety and richness in the shading.

My Days as 'Material Girl'

My 'Material Girl' Look For a Show by Prasad Bidapa at the Knockout Disco, 1986

In the 80's when I was part of the fashion stylist and model-maker Prasad Bidapa's dance troupe (he ran The Design & Print Group on Mahatma Gandhi Road), we did many shows at the 'Knockout' disco on Brigade Road. In one of these I performed to Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' and there were other shows where I dressed up like her - bare midriff, crosses for earrings and all that. I actually had my tailor make those lace gloves. He would say, "Madam, you don't wear clothes, you wear costumes." These pictures were shot in 1986 during the show. Those were fun crazy days! And I'm so glad to have lived them. Bangalore is not the same anymore and neither is the fun. I can safely say that we had more fun then than the youth of today.

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