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"The Tree of Zen," in gold and black arrayed,

A masterpiece of the soul, quietly portrayed.

Like Kabbalistic roots, reaching deep and wide,

It blends with Zen's grace, in the silence, we bide.


No intention guides the hand, as it's meant to be,

In the breath of creation, the art sets us free.


A tapestry of existence, where wisdom finds its way,

In the beauty of Zen, we let go of yesterday.

Living in the now, in this moment we reside,

"The Tree of Zen" reminds us, the truth's not denied.


From the Tree of Life to Zen's tranquil shore,

We seek understanding, we yearn for more.

In this painting, we glimpse the eternal's spin,

"The Tree of Zen" embodies the stillness within.


Black and Gold Zen Art , Spiritual, Soulfull, Trancendental Painting For Your Home or Office


35" x 43" acrylic on canvas


Shipped in a tube

Tree of Zen - 35" x 43"

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