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'Sarandipity Perspectives' -a Triumph of Trad and AI Art

Punk with Great Dane 24x36 - Using AI as Reference for my paintings

I am not exaggerating when I say that I am the first artist to exhibit my AI-generated prints at my show of paintings at Chitrakala Parishad, Apart from my 29 paintings, I featured five of my gorgeous AI images and invited visitors to look through my collection of 120 prints and buy them.

One of the buyers of my AI Generated Images at my Art Show

Selling Several Artificial Intelligence-generated Images in a Prestigious Gallery

I was excited about this opportunity to showcase my skills with generating great AI art and captured the interest of a Chennai based TV channel, Raj TV.. Almost every visitor, young or old wanted to know how generated such wonderful images using AI. Some congratulated me on my use of technology in my art and others wanted to know the nuts and bolts of the process. Perhaps I should offer a workshop.

Interviewed by Kannada Raj TV Channel as the first artist to exhibit AI Images at CKP

Me at my show of paintings at Chitrakala Parishad March 2024

Selling Paintings Inspired by Artificial Intelligence

I sold the two paintings below inspired by the images I created with AI. As I told interested visitors, you can never run out of ideas if you learn to use AI correctly. I have at least a thousand images on my PC. I am constantly creating waves on the well known platform for artists - Deviant Art. And I cant stop creating. It's an addiction.

Punk With Cat -1 Acrylic on 12x12" canvas

Tribal Goth 12x12" Water colour on canvas

"Anita's Art is Music to My Ears. Quite Literally!"

Winter Storm 36x24 acrylic on canvas

A bright young man who visited my show 'Sarandipity Perspectives' (my second solo show at Chitrakala Parishad) revealed that he could hear music when he looked at this painting above - 'Winter Storm'. I was fascinated. He said he had a condition known as synaesthesia in which colours and shapes could translate into music. Amidst the cacophony of the storm, he could hear the serene tones of a flute.

I end with a comment from the well known Nature artist Meena Subramaniam:

Anita Saran is well known for her bold style as a fashion model, singer and actress. She further embellished her colorful bold self with her authentic writings, stories that her nuanced understanding of Greek mythology has influenced. As original as her style, beauty and writing, is her art. Unapologetic, fearless of theory and expressive beyond words.. Meena Subramaniam @kodaifern1

Post-show Sale - Leaves 1 Acrylic on Paper
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