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Adventures in Hypnosis -2

It is easy to hypnotise someone.

Offline as well as online.

I first practised my new-found skill on a dear friend a couple of weeks ago. I made him sit comfortably in an armchair, told him to look up 45 degrees and instructed him to take deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale.

I told him his eyes were getting heavier with each breath, so that he found it difficult to keep them open.

I told him that as I counted to 5, his eyelids would begin to droop more and more. On the count of 5 he would close his eyes and become sleepy.

I told him to relax, relax, relax in a slow soothing voice.

To check that he was indeed in a trance, I lifted his hand and it dropped limp into his lap. I felt elated. I had done it at first try. This was just a quick induction. My aim was to see whether I could put him under.

So I then told him I was going to bring him out of the trance and at the count of 1 - I counted in reverse - he would open his eyes.

He did.

Phew. That was a relief. I had been mildly worried about not being able to wake him. But I remembered Pradeep Sir saying that if a person goes to sleep, he will wake up in an hour or so by himself. He says that people enjoy the trance so much, they often do not want to emerge from it.

Now, confident that I could indeed hypnotise, I decided to participate in the practice groups online. I wondered whether I could do that to someone who was not in my presence.

The purpose this time was to help a lady with tinnitus get rid of her ailment. Of course, this may take a few sessions, but it was a good start. I took her to a doorway, down a staircase into a garden, into a little waterfall where all her discomfort was released, turning the water black.

The next step was to fill her with golden light, reassure her that her ailment was cured and then bring her back out. This too was successful.

My confidence as a hypnotherapist began to grow.

I now look forward to doing more, such as psychic surgery and past life regression.

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