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Adventures in Hypnosis -1

Activating the Third Eye Through Hypnosis
Activating The Third Eye Through Hypnosis

Yesterday I learnt how to change my perception.

Haven't you wondered why we see blue when an object is actually red? We see the colour that is rejected instead of the one that is absorbed. It's a trick our brain plays on us. The technique of seeing is called Third Eye Activation. Stare at a coloured star or circle or negative image for 40 seconds without blinking, then close your eyes.

No one tells you what to expect. Concentrate and you will see the image appear in another colour!

We were shown negatives. These turned into positives. Priyanka Chopra. Salman Khan. Justin Beiber. Crazy.

You can actually practise on negatives you may have of old photos.

Not everyone in the Zoom Meet who had signed up for the mind-blowing Art of Hypnosis workshop by Dr. Pradeep Kumar of The Blessings School of Hypnosis in Nagpur got it though. Some called in saying they couldn't see anything in their Third Eye. But I saw all this.

I am to practise for 15 to 20 days until I get to see these images in my third eye for longer lengths of time. I saw the image for 2 to 3 seconds. They vanish, reappear for a second or 2 and then disappear. It's all very exciting.

Says Dr. Kumar, "The subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality, so you can suggest anything to it and it will create it. Remember to dream big. Your subconscious is not interested in the trivial. "

I am looking forward to the four-month Clinical Hypnosis diploma course I signed up for which begins today.

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