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A Hundred Years of Meditation? Forget it!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Beautiful statue of Maitreya Buddha
Maitreya Buddha

Would you believe me if I told you that you can:

1. Cut 70% of your bad karma (we've all got a lot of that!)

2. Increase your concentration and creativity (I topped my medical

transcription course where they compress 6 years of medical school

into three months and expect you to get more than 80% in every

weekly test.)

3. Get protection from accidents (I emerged from a head-on collision

without a scratch. Hubby suggested I wear a helmet to hide my pretty

face. I contemplated the veiled robes of a Muslim woman to hide all of me.)

4. Feel like you've done an hour of meditation in just three minutes

(I've done TM and tried to fly - but that takes ages of practice say


5. Look even more beautiful dead than alive. (You see, the soul exits

from the true gate of the soul -the Third Eye, so at death there is no

rigor mortis and the face is radiant- it happened to someone I once

knew. The puzzled doctors were called in to check if she were really

dead. She was.)

6. And the price? While the enlightened had to climb mountains on

their knees, allow themselves to get buried in the snow, and one even

offered his arm, all you need to offer is a small offering! In India, it is as

little as Rs.1000/- per person.

It may sound incredible to you, but I assure you this is no

hallucination. I don't smoke joints anymore. Sensei told me to smoke

joss sticks instead, and now I have a preference for joss sticks. I was

introduced to the Kyudo Ceremony more than a year ago by my Reiki

Master and it changed my life.

Many supermodels these days claim to enhance their looks through

spiritual means. I believe that as your character changes for the

better, so does your aura. This in turn affects the way you look. You

are more charismatic, more radiant. That first grey hair or wrinkle

matters no more.

Science and spirituality are discovering they share much in common.

Consider the wonders of quantum physics: parallel worlds, invisible

worlds,other dimensions,the power of thought.

Undergoing the Kyudo Ceremony is in no way a conversion of any sort.

You are free to follow your religion and your customs. Indeed, you can

even let off a few crackers on Diwali in this temple. Homage is paid to

all enlightened souls -Jesus,Shiva, Brahma, Gandhiji, the Laughing

Buddha or Maitreya Buddha, and others. On Christmas, we light

candles to Christ.

The fact that the ceremony has been mentioned in the Sutras may be

checked out by anyone who finds all this too difficult to swallow. The

Buddha underwent it and said that it is equal to a 100 years of

penance and meditation. You will not find any books on Sentendaido

(the Way of Heaven). It has been kept secret all these centuries. It

originated in China even before the advent of religion and is seen as

the source of all religion.

Many of the masters or gurus of Sentendaido have been Indians. 28 to

be precise, including Bodhidharma, a South Indian. AND would you

believe it -Lao Tzu and Confucius were masters too.

Confucius say he was imprisoned and starved and still did not give up

the ship. They cut down every tree he sat under. Still he did not give

up the ship.

In ancient times, only enlightened souls like the Buddha, Christ and

Prophet Mohammed enjoyed the privilege of having the third eye

opened through the Kyudo Ceremony. Just 50 years ago, in the midst

of the II World War, did Sentendaido make itself available to people

like us. Why? Because we're lucky enough to be born in the Kaliyuga.

What's more, we don't even need to work too hard at our

enlightenment like did the ancients. 70% of our bad

karma is cut, remember? All we need to do is fill in the 30%. No need

to sit naked in the Himalayas and give up kith and kin -although at

times we all wish to.

If you've ever asked yourself what is the purpose of your life, you

have probably realised -perhaps through long and tortuous reasoning -

that it is to realise your True Self which is Divine. This Self never gets

angry, jealous or greedy. It can see into the Future. It makes peace

with the Past and lives in the Present.

The followers of Sentendaido are not monks. Niwa Sensei - who

wears a diamond necklace adorned with a locket of the Maitreya is a

very rich businessman who says that his business takes care of itself

because he follows Sentendaido. This is a fact experienced by many

who have been initiated. And of course, the Maitreya deserves


And I, certainly don't look like a monk. Though I often feel like one. I

have become a vegetarian and no longer waste precious time at

parties. But I still like red in my hair. In Sentendaido they say this is

the time to cultivate yourself while living amidst the chaos of the

world. That is probably more difficult than leaving it all behind.

More on the importance of being vegetarian and my recent trip to the

head temple in Japan, and karma and all that in the next issue.

Those of you who are reminded of Shiva's Third Eye, remember that he did

not destroy the good when he opened it. Only the Evil.

Ciao! From someone's who's been in and is now out.

P.S: Contact me if you'd like this powerful initiation in Bangalore.

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