There were times when Antara and Meghna were one.  When they hunted together for the wild black berries the sunning lizards so loved to gobble; chased butterflies, gathered the succulent mangoes felled by the hot dust-laden winds of summer, and tried to capture the fairies of the Dandelion.

On Diwali, the Festival of Lights, they fought over the iridescent pink and blue clay pots and pans and stoves and tiny platters and spoons and the white porous, crumbly candy and puffed rice.  The gigantic house was transformed into a fairy tale castle, glittering with hundreds of flames, lit to welcome back home from exile, Lord Rama.  The skies were glorious with stars that fell to earth, trailing glory; a smell of sulphur lit the air.  But they never loved as sisters should. 

(Excerpt from my novel ‘The Goddess of the Dandelion’)

Now that you have found me . . .

In another life I was a singer singing ‘What’s Up’ by Four Non Blondes in a band now known as The Ministry of Blues. I was a successful model who did not take modelling too seriously.

I was, and still am a writer.

I enjoy editing fiction and have edited several fiction manuscripts. Try me.

I live with ten adorable dogs I rescued from the streets of Bangalore.

I like gardening and painting. In another life I painted stylised nudes that catapulted me into ‘The Week’ (a national magazine), but today I prefer to paint The Buddha.

I was known as Bangalore’s ‘Wild Child’ but today I am a happy hermit.

“For as long as space remains
As long as sentient beings remain
May I too remain to dispel the miseries of the world.”